We’re Back!

It’s been three weeks and we’re finally back at EHU again! I have to admit, I’ve missed it and some enormous changes have undergone during our long Summer!
The Hub is complete and up and running and I can’t believe how amazing it looks. It’s enormous, open-plan and totally modern, I am most definitely a fan.

I apologise for my lack of communication, I’ve been insanely busy and haven’t had (and still don’t) the Internet at home, it’s being switched on this Wednesday, I’m just writing this from my iPhone because I feel like I’ve been abandoning you and need to say hello 🙂

So how was Freshers (to all you newbies)? And how does it feel being back (to the rest of you)? I’m loving it, my timetable is awesome, the new modules are really interesting and I’ve had a few dissertation meetings that have been really productive. I can’t wait to get stuck into it. However, I had to write 500 words for the first week back so I’m technically started.

Anyway just wanted to wave hi so I’ll be back online Wednesday and shall speak soon.


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