Nearly Third Year

Only a few days left until Freshers Week, excited? I can’t wait to get back, the Summer is far too long. I’d have never complained about the Summer Holidays when I was in school but it’s different at Uni. I think the long Summer makes you realise how much time and effort you put into the whole University experience. It’s hard going but it’s worth it in the end.

I had my first Dissertation meeting last week, I was more than a little bit worried but my personal tutor is awesome (I’m glad I got her) and talked me through all my anxieties and indecisiveness. I’ve got a 500 word proposal due for September 30th so I’ve been working on that. I’m becoming slightly obsessed and can’t get off Amazon, I really need to delete the app from my phone because I’m constantly buying books…I’ll end up skint but have my books to keep me warm. I realise how odd that sounds 😛 I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the writing of it though (dissertation) because I love the novels I’ve chosen and as sad as it is, I’ve always wanted to write a dissertation. Fingers crossed it’ll make sense!

Other than that teaching for my course doesn’t begin until Monday 26th September so I’ve still got over a week off.
Hope you all enjoy Freshers.


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