April Showers…Oh it’s June

My Summer infection has arrived, hooray! Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Every Summer or study week, I end up with some kind of illness and this time I have a chest and throat infection – not just one, but a combination. Lucky girl. The weather is miserable too so I’m not missing much. We had two hot days last week and of course my mother wanted to get the BBQ out because even if the sun is peaking behind the clouds she wants a barbecue.

I spent a few days in the Uni library last week looking up books for my dissertation. The opening hours have changed and will be again next week. They’re as follows:

31st May – 12th June   Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am – 6pm
13th June – 28th August   Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8:30am – 9pm, Wednesday and Friday 8:30am – 5pm, Saturday and Sunday CLOSED.
29th August CLOSED

I’ve wrote this in my diary because knowing me I’ll turn up when it’s closed.

Other than that the University is holding Open Days on:

Saturday 18th June, 10am – 3pm
Saturday 20th August, 10am – 3pm
Thursday 25th August, 4pm – 8pm

The Open Days are great for prospective students to look around the University campus and meet new people. http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/study/events Here there’s a programme of the events and upcoming days for 2012 entries.

I remember the first time I visited Edge Hill. I was completely overwhelmed at how vast it was. I fell in love with the campus instantly though. Yes it’s big and it takes a while to get to know where certain buildings/rooms etc are but it’s awesome.

That’s all from me for now.


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