Book Ordering Time

It’s that time again…All my books for 3rd year are finally ordered and each day I’m getting a selection of books through the post. I love receiving mail, especially when it’s a parcel (I know I need to get out more lol)…26 essential books and I’m excited. I love reading, I’ve aways been a ‘bookworm’, think I must take after my Grandparents, they were always reading. I caught my Grandad a few years back reading Sophie Kinsella’s ‘Secret Dreamworld of a Shophaholic’ because I’d bigged it up. He was a wonderfully strange man.

I’m re-reading ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ at the moment and I love it. I went and saw the musical at Liverpool’s Empire last Thursday evening. Marti Pellow from Wet Wet Wet played ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and he was amazing. I really enjoyed it and so did Matt which was surprising because he usually hates anything that doesn’t involve Heavy Metal 😛

At the weekend Matt, Harry and I all went to the Blue Planet Aquarium. It’s only 45 minutes from home and I haven’t been there since I was younger. It was really good, Harry enjoyed himself. He took tonnes of pictures of the sharks (slightly obsessed) and really enjoyed seeing Nemo 🙂

I’m currently researching topics for my dissertation and reading…a lot. I can sense that this Summer will certainly be a productive one, hopefully I won’t drown in books.
The assessment period is finally over too so that’s a weight off everyone’s shoulders, hope you all did amazing 🙂


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