One Week

I only have one official contact-week in Uni and second year is over…well I have three essays and two exams but technically it’s completed. Scary!

I picked my third year modules this week too. I’m quite happy with what I’m taking next year and I finally get to do a dissertation yay! I’ve strangely been excited about writing one since the beginning of my degree (I’m odd like that) and it’s almost time 🙂
Wednesday was a long day, I was at EHU from 8am – 6:30pm. I’m such a good student. There has been a series of lectures on Romanticism this semester and I haven’t been able to attend any up until this week and I was so glad I went along. A professor from Leeds University came along and discussed Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the relation it has to Charles Lamb’s life. It was extremely good. The final lecture is being taken by Mary Hurst this Wednesday 6th April on Byron but I can’t go because I have a gig. I’m gutted too because they’re really interesting. But if you can go along, I highly recommend it.

I got a new tattoo today, yay! It’s been a year since my last one and I needed it. I got a crown on the inside of my ankle and it’s so pretty, I’m very happy with it!

The rest of my weekend will be taken up by reading and writing my Supernatural essay…the weather is soooo nice so I may lounge in the garden with my book!
Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.
Oh and the Bookclub meets on Friday April 8th @ 5pm on the ground floor in the library. Join us!


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