Module Choices.

It’s that time again.
Module choices go LIVE for English on Monday!!!!
I’m terrible at making decisions and although I can’t wait to go into my final year, I lack the ability to choose.

Wednesday 30th March in M40 at 2:30-3:30 there is a talk regarding the modules and how to pick etc so I’ll definitely be attending that. It’s always beneficial to go along to these type of things because it helps students get a clearer idea on what the class has to offer.

Do I want to write a dissertation? This is the ultimate question!?
I’ve been thinking about it constantly for weeks and I’ve spoken to a few tutors regarding it and I’m still not 100% sure. It’s a big deal.
If only I was still ten years old, my Mum could decide for me 😛 unfortunately I’m 24 and must decide for myself *gutted*

Tomorrow evening a group of us from Literature are going to Southport to watch Frankenstein. I’m really looking forward to it. We begin studying it next week in seminar and I’m hoping to base my exam question around it so it should be interesting.

Also a book club is starting up on April 8th in the Library which I’m attending. Everyone is invited, the first meeting is an introduction and giving out the book list and then we’re taking it from there….so come along 🙂 More details to follow.

This weekend I shall be immersed in Frankenstein and hopefully the sun will still be cracking the flags – who knows I may read outside….such a risk taker I know!


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