My weekend was the best time EVER!

I went to Camden Market when I arrived at 12 on Saturday. I’d never been there before and it was totally amazing. I’m arranging to spend a weekend in London when we all break up from Uni with my friends, they need to see it. In the evening, Dean and I went to see ‘The Woman in Black’ and I pretended that I wasn’t going to be scared and acted all nonchalant about it but the minute the scary stuff started, I was gripping Dean as tight as possible. It was awesome though, I really enjoyed it.
Sunday we went to Madame Tussards and the London Dungeon. I had my picture taken with practically every wax-work and got slightly star-struck when I seen Robert Downey Jr. I knew he wasn’t real but he’s a legend. There was a scare-walk in Madame Tussards and both Dean and I were glad to get out of it. People randomly jumped out and it was pitch dark, I was not a fan. Although once I was in the light, found the funny side and actually enjoyed the whole experience. Then in the Dungeon I jumped on some man when ‘Jack the Ripper’ appeared out of the darkness at my side. Pathetic I know!

However, now I’m back to reality *sighs* I only have three weeks left of Uni though and I’m gutted because I’ll miss the place…But then I’ll be a third year ARGH! It doesn’t seem like yesterday that I was starting and now I’m over half-way through, it’s bizarre how quick it goes.
I also might be moving very soon *fingers crossed* I’m going to view apartments tomorrow 🙂 Can’t wait.


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