Hectic Week Ahead

Last week contained a lot of drama. This coming week shall contain a lot of chaos and hopefully the week after that I can relax…*fingers crossed*

On the plus side on Saturday I’m going to London 😀 My friend has a job that is going to take him an hour to complete so is taking me with him and I can’t wait. I haven’t been in ages. We’re going to watch The Woman in Black( http://www.thewomaninblack.com/ ) in the evening and then mucho shopping in Camden Market on the Sunday before we come home! I’m reading it for my ‘Writing the Supernatural’ module and we’re studying it the week after I’ve seen the show so it’ll be cool to have experienced it as well as read it.
Dean rocks! (That’s my friend who I’m going with, obviously).

This week there’s the Volunteering Fair at Uni, Tuesday 8th March, 11-2 in the Business Foyer which I’m planning on attending. There’s an organisation called ‘The Reading Organisation’ which I really want to get involved with. So I’ll pop along there and get some information. Will let you know how it goes.

Other than that and doing a lot of reading, there’s not much going on with me. I’m hopefully spending an evening with the girls on Thursday, if they’ve all completed their assingment (I have), so that’ll be fun 🙂

Must leave and read.


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