Happy Valentine’s Day.
I realise I’m a day late but I’m sure it will still be accepted. Do people actually wish each other a ‘happy Valentine’s Day’? I don’t know. But it’s out there anyway.

Mine was spent learning about the language of Mr Bill Shakespeare himself, (I’m on first name terms with him now, it’s just how it goes), then I went to my bf’s and he’d cooked for me and it was all lovely, etc etc.

It’s Independent Study Week for me next week and I have made myself a timetable. *Bows* yes, I’m that organised. I know if I don’t make myself one I’ll just end up watching random tv or going out, procrastination is a students best friend. So my timetable is stuck on my wall and I intend on sticking to it. I have a whole lot of reading and three assignments due the week I return, (already in the process of two of them, I’m extremely good I know).

Come to think of it, I’ve nearly finished my second year. How time flies. I can’t wait to pick my modules for third year, it’s all very exciting, but I’m easily excited…it’s the child in me. I kind of have a clue what I want to do but we’ll see how it pans out.

I’ve got to dash, just wanted to say a quick hello. I’m spending my evening reading Rankin so going to get back to that.


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