Ormskirk…Centre of the Universe

Okay so maybe it’s not centre of the Universe, I’m no Geography student, but it is close to loads of cool places.
I live approximately 8.453 minutes (rough guess) away from Edge Hill so I’m pretty much close to the centre of the universe also 😛

Ormskirk is a market town and contains well-known high street shops. It’s quaint. It has a Costa. I’m a fan.
Liverpool is a 30 minute train journey away, and from there Manchester isn’t that far either. Oh and there’s Southport which is 9 miles away! *Cough* Did I mention ‘centre of the universe?’

Tonight I went to the cinema in Wigan to see ‘Tangled’ with my bf and his son. Harry really enjoyed it and so did I. I’m a sucker for a Disney film. Tomorrow I’m going into Liverpool to get my bf the rest of his Birthday presents and something for Valentine’s Day…his Birthday is 4 days before, lucky him! Hehe. Then I’m going to Southport to book him in for a tattoo, because I’m extra nice!

The rest of my weekend will be spent reading, as books have taken over my life the past few weeks. I really shouldn’t complain considering as I’m an English student!
A funny thing happened to me the other day…I was reading ghost stories for my ‘Writing the Supernatural’ module and I was completely tense. I was sat on my bed, the house was silent and I was slightly terrified when we had a power-cut. I practically fell off the bed with nerves. Looking back it was pretty hilarious but at the time I was a nervous wreck. I took my dog upstairs after that and he sat with me whilst I read and the power cut twice more. It wasn’t my night.
I’ve decided I’m reading them during the day from now on!

That’s all from me,


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