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I had an ‘informal’ presentation today in my ‘Language of Shakespeare and his time’ module. We worked in a group of three so that wasn’t too bad and had to discuss the language in Macbeth. I spent all weekend gathering information that I wanted to talk about and so hardly left my house. I was focussing on ‘the witches’ and ‘Lady Macbeth’, everything I researched and discovered whilst analysing was pretty interesting. I think I may enjoy this module.

Most people get nervous about talking in front of a group of people and it’s natural because they don’t want to sound silly or stumble…but confidence is key. I don’t have a problem with talking in front of people so didn’t feel anxious. However, my friends did, so I gave them a little pep talk (which I hope helped).

  • It is┬ávital to prepare you presentation, giving you plenty of time for practice.
  • Outline your objectives; give a brief introduction on the subject and what you’re going to talk about.
  • Decide on your main points and coherently get them across to your audience. Is there any evidence to support what you’re saying?
  • Have a conclusion, summing up everything that has been said.
  • Ask if anybody has any questions.
  • Construct a PowerPoint, use large, clear font so people can easily read it.
  • It is best not to read from a script because it distances you from the audience, try cue cards with key words or phrases on.
  • Keep eye contact.
  • Speak slowly, clearly and loudly so everyone can hear you.

And good luck.
I hope that helps, it’s only a very brief but it works!

Luckily I don’t have anymore presentations this year, just exams and assignments (hooray).


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