White Christmas

He’s been.
Santa came and left me some absolutely fabulous presents…Maybe I should be thanking my boyfriend, friends and family but I still enjoy the idea of Santa.
I definitely had a white Christmas, I was snowed in for two days and my poor car was stranded on a main road because I was out on the Friday evening the snow began and then could not get into my street. It was total chaos. Luckily I had nowhere to be so it wasn’t too bad. My puppy (and yes, he’s a puppy, a huge one but still only a baby lol) loved the snow, I couldn’t get him in from the garden.
Diesel + Snow = Happy Times.

I went out with the girls from Uni after we finished for Christmas on Thursday. It was freezing but we braved the weather and headed into Liverpool for a meal. Awesome night 🙂

The last few days have been relaxing, I’ve been playing games, reading (a lot) and tormenting my boyfriend, I think he’ll be happy when he’s back at work to get away from me 😛

I’m studying ‘Writing the Supernatural’ next semester and although I’m a fan of apparitions, vampires and the ‘other’ I didn’t realise how terrified I’d be reading the material. It’s official, I’m afraid of my own shadow! I don’t even attempt to read them during the evening because it’s far too dark and I’m unbelievably jumpy. Despite being a nervous wreck, I’m looking forward to getting back to Uni and starting my new modules. In first year, my modules stayed the same throughout the year because they were 30 credits but it changes in second year. There was a lot to choose from and my indecisiveness didn’t help. Bring on ‘Crime Fiction’ in January though.

Oh and my Birthday. I’m having an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed tea party for my 24th Birthday. Everyone is dressing up as a character and I’m turning my house into a wonderful grotto. I can’t wait. I’m going as the ‘Queen of Hearts’, I already have the bright red hair so why not!?

I guess I’ll be next writing in 2011. Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

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