20 Days

I’ve been very busy the last two weeks, it’s such a good job I have a diary or I’d be all over the place.
And, it’s nearly Christmas. Yay! I’m really looking forward to it, I’m a bit of a kid when it comes to Christmas, I pretend I’m not excited when really my insides are doing somersaults. Only 20 days to go. 
I’ve been terribly unprepared this year though. I’ve only bought three presents, oops. Three of my friends and I are going to the Trafford Centre on Wednesday after our lecture and I hope I’ll get the majority of things there.

I attended the Teaching Fair on Tuesday, it was mainly aimed at QTS and PGCE students but my friend and I went along to have a look anyway. I found out a lot of information about teaching in a correctional centre (because I’m very interested in doing that) and also in Further Education, (college/sixth form). It was a really useful afternoon with a wide range of different people to talk to and gain information from. Plus, we got plenty of goody bags, tonnes of pens (which delighted Robyn) and I personally found it extremely beneficial.

After that I had my photo shoot for the main Edge Hill website. I was so nervous. I was stood outside the library, in front of the Business building, the wind was blowing, my hair was crazy and I kept laughing because students were watching. Argh! Embarrassment. I hope they turn out okay and I don’t look too demented, knowing my luck, I’ll look like a crazy lady.

I also got two of my assignments back this week. Complete nervous tension in my seminar groups as they were handed out, and utter elation when I saw my marks.
Year 2 = Much more difficult. However..Year 2 + Extreme Preparation = Happy Sarah.
(a bit of Maths to wake you all up, haha). I get my exam result back this week, hopefully that will make me smile also, *fingers crossed*

That’s all. Next time I write it’ll be even closer to Christmas, woo!


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