One Down

I’ve finally submitted my first assignment, hooray!
One down, plenty more to go.
My first essay was a poetry close reading which I quite enjoyed writing. I’m really happy with the content and I think I’ve improved from last year *fingers crossed* hopefully I’m not speaking too soon.
I like analysing poetry though, I always have; but then again I’ve always loved books. I guess English is the right course for me!
I’ve got a closed-book test on Tuesday too, so revision will be taking over the rest of my week. If only I was going on a literal ‘Grand Tour’ and not just reading about others who have travelled the world. I guess there’s always time for my exploration to begin.

I had my first seminar rep meeting today.
It consists of finding out what the students in your group like or dislike about the module; any comments, compliments or complaints they have and then it is taken to the head of year. It went well and I’m glad I put my name forward. It’s a really good way to improve the department and it gives the students a voice regarding their studies. I’m pretty sure I’ll be volunteering to participate next year too.

To change the subject – it is absolutely freezing. Winter is definitely around the corner. I had to de-ice my car at 8 am this morning, wear gloves and two pairs of socks. What’s that all about? I’m not a fan of icy-cold mornings. However, I did go into the library which was all toasty and got a brew so I soon warmed up. I can’t really complain.

Not much else to report on so I shall get back to my revision,


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