The Study Sickness

‘The Study Sickness’ sounds a bit like a curse and I’m beginning to think I’m badly done to.
Study week arrived and I ended up in Southport hospital.
I had my whole week strategically planned, a day-to-day schedule of what and when I was working, resting, playing etc, but that was soon tossed out of the window.
It happened Sunday morning, by the evening I wasn’t answering the door to scary kids, I was lying in a hospital bed being poked with needles, a lot of needles, needles in each arm and I’m not a fan of them at all.

Albeit, I’m home now and finally have my laptop in front of me, a heart on the mend and sore joints, but that’s nothing uncommon due to my disability. However I’m just glad to be working on my assignments, I feel so behind and I’m slightly stressed out. I’m sure I’ll be fine though. *Thinks positive*
The only good thing about being in hospital was that I had nothing to do but read. And read. And read. Granted I fell asleep a few times with a book on my face but it was a good look, the doctors seemed to think I was intelligent 😛

Just quickly before I go, during my stay in hospital it was my super-awesome friend Jen’s birthday and we were all supposed to go out but she’s rearranging it especially so I can go, so I’d just like to wish her a very Happy ‘belated’ Birthday! The fun times shall commence soon.

Hope everyone enjoyed study week, I’d very much like another one that doesn’t involve sickness.

That’s all for now,


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