Poetry Reading

Thursday night was awesome.

Carol Ann Duffy and Billy Collins, (UK and US Poet Laureate’s) both did a reading at Edge Hill and I was lucky enough to attend. They each read a selection of well-known and forthcoming poems and I found myself awestruck and inspired.

The theatre was packed and everybody I spoke to after really enjoyed themselves. (Did I mention I loved it?)

Books were available to purchase before and after the event and I got a collection by each poet and had them both signed.
Yes, there’s a picture of my signed books which I shall forever treasure.

I got in on Thursday night and read both collections and went and bought some more yesterday. I’ve found a new love. It makes a change from 18th Century poetry, (which admittedly, I’m a huge fan of too). It was just captivating listening to each poet read their own words, I loved it.

Anyway, it’s study week now, so head down and back to business.


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5 Responses to Poetry Reading

  1. HARDMAN says:

    I’ve to agree. It was really great! I need to remember to add that to my blog now.

  2. Carl Shaw says:

    Apparently Faye ‘is now in love with CAD’

    Thought it was a bit extreme to be fair but she is weird like that.

    Wouldn’t mind listening to Dave Crystal in a seminar. Language! Language! Language!

    (The lit students are all now spitting feathers)


  3. HARDMAN says:

    Hey, good post! I’ve added the link for this on my blog, hope that’s okay. drop by and read it any time. thanks 🙂

  4. Faye Power says:

    Hi Sarah

    Blog is fab!

    I loved last Thursday! I am in love with Carol Ann Duffy, call me weird I don’t care.

    Just a suggestion, perhaps you could ban language students from your page. They clearly have too much to say.

    See you soon, enjoy reading week.

    Love Faye xxx

  5. WILSON says:

    I loved it too Faye so not to worry, I’m also weird 😛

    Thanks Hayley, I’ll take a look.

    Sarah x

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