Assignments Galore

Study week could not come any sooner. For me it begins on Thursday and I cannot wait.

“Rest”, I hear you say.
Oh no, it’s all about the reading and writing my three assignments. Granted, one is a work in progress, (very slow progress that is) but I’m getting back into the swing of things. They are officially my first pieces of work to be submitted since returning to big school, I mean University 😛 I’m sure I’ll cope.

Tomorrow I’m attending a ‘Academic Essay Writing’ seminar at 3-4 in B001 just in case I’ve somehow lost the ability to write over the Summer and to brush up on some skills; perhaps even gain some new ones. A ‘Referencing‘ workshop is being conducted at 2-3 also, but MHRA and myself are very well acquainted.

My weekend begins on Thursday as I was very lucky to acquire a place for, ‘The Written Word: Poets Laureate in Conversation’ that is taking place in the evening, with poetry readings from both Carol Ann Duffy and Billy Collins. I’m most excited and shall blog about that over the weekend.

Until then folks, take care,


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2 Responses to Assignments Galore

  1. Sarah Nicholson says:

    I’m gutted I’m not available for that poetry reading and highly jealous of you right now, I bet it’s going to be amazing!

  2. Carl Shaw says:

    If you’re so keen on getting your assignments done Willo you ought to take one of mine for me 😉

    However, the Grammatical analysis i have to complete for next week is over the head stuff, really struggling with it… week is being used for just that….STUDY! it’s required i tell thee!

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