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Volume 4 Issue 1 –  August 2012 ISSN 1749-6764 (online)


Re-visit or re-conceptualization of south Asian cultures Reflections on diaspora, hybridity and linguistics representations
Tasleem Shakur

Marginalisation, Resistance and the Road to Fictional Visibility
Tariq Mehmood

Women and Culture in India Countering the Force of Nativity
Debarshi Prasad Nath & Juri Dutta

Conceptual Blending in Bollywood Film Songs
A. R. Fatihi

Book Review
India and the Diasporic Imagination
Reviewed by Jen Dickinson

Conference Report
Local and Global Perspectives of Ethnic and Religious Conflicts Interrogating the Muslim Built Environments of Europe
Reviewed by Natalie Tebbett

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  1. My congrats and best wishes for the re-launch of SACS 🙂
    The new issue covers a broad range of approaches to “South Asian Culture(s) – it will take some time to read all papers …

    Thanks to Tasleem Shakur and his team!

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