Volume 3 Issue 1

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1 – 2011

ISSN-1749-6764 (On-line)
Printable version of Front and Back Covers


The Burden of Imagination: Mapping the Centre through the Colonized Gaze
A. Rahman

Trends and Themes in Pakistani Cinema
Abdul Fatah Daudpoto

Shifting Focus in South Asian Art: An Introspection of Social
Concerns of Two Contemporary Artists Navjot Altaf and Gauri Gill
Nuzhat Kazmi

Literature and Film Reviews

Film Review – ‘Don’ Myth Revisited
Fatima Alvi Faisal

A Book Review – Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe
Rohma Khan

Conference and Exhibition Reports

Community and Lesser Taught Languages:
Planning, Promotion and awareness
Sheraz Ali

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