Volume 2 Issue 2

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1 – October 2009

ISSN-1749-6764 (On-line)
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Understanding south Asian cultures through religion, language, symbols of authority, hybrid films and post-colonial influences
Tasleem Shakur


Islam in Bangladeshi Society
Islam Md. Rafiqul


The Authority of the Padshahs in Sixteenth Century Mughal India
Balkrishan Shivŕam

Culturally Speaking: Should Culture be an Integral part of Language Pedagogy?
M J Warsi

British-South Asian Cinema and Identity II: ‘When did Mr Collins become the ‘Ugly American’? Representing America in the films of Gurinder Chadha’.
E. Anna Claydon

Literature and Film Reviews:

Fatima Alvi Faisai

Archana Verma, Cultural and Visual Flux at Early Historical Bagh in Central India (British Archaeological Reports International Series 1707)
N. J. Francis

Exhibition Report:

South Asian Islamic Arts and Architecture: Third International Conference on Islamic Art and Architecture (ICIAA)
M. Ali Tirmizi

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