Volume 1 Issue 2

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 2 – June 2007

ISSN-1749-6764 (On-line)
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Popular perceptions versus authoritative constructions of South Asian historiographies.
Tasleem Shakur and Salman Al-Azami


Locating Agency Around the Funeral Pyre: Representation of Sati in Indian Women’s Writing.
Karen D’Souza

No “holy cows” in Surinam: India, communal relations, identity politics, and the Hindostani Diaspora in Surinam.
Karthika Sinha-Kerkhoff and Ellen Bal

Colloquialism in Hindi Urdu.
A.R. Fatihi

The Development of Bengali Literature during Muslim Rule.
Abu Musa Mohammad Arif Billah

Literature and Film Reviews:

‘Psychoraag’ by Suhayl Saadi.
Reviewed by Hamish McD. Telfer

Conference Report:

The Changing Trajectory of Social Movements in Rural India: Practising Anomalies and Conceptual Dilemmas, Paper presented by Professor Debal Singh Roy at the Social and Cultural Movements Group, Edge Hill University, on 6th June 2007. Reviewed by Roger Spalding

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