Eye Care Away From Home 2

My last blog was on the importance of registering in the Wellbeing Center for a GP, and the available eye care in Ormskirk.

For some of you who depend on seeing glasses/contact lenses, you may find it uncomfortable and stressful to constantly  rely on them (It’s pretty expensive too). That is why a few months ago I DECIDED TO GET LASER SURGERY DONE! (…of course, with the approval of my parents because they had to pay :p).

After a lot of research on the best laser clinics in the UK, I chose to get it done at Ultralase. So far, I can honestly say laser surgery is the best decision I have made concerning my eyes. My eyes were pretty bad- around a (-4/5) between both eyes, and although my eyes are still healing, I have an almost perfect vision already.

A lot of people have some misconceptions about laser surgery (like how long it has been around), and some don’t even consider getting it done because of the price (which is rather high). Ultralase, which claims to be the “1st and longest established national laser eye surgery provider, has been around for about 20 years with a very high success rate. The members of staff  are really professional and helpful both before and after the surgery. They have a lot of providers around England and Wales, and I got mine done in Liverpool.

Click here for more information on laser surgery, and the different payment plans available.

Click here to book a free consultation online.

I’ll keep you posted. P.S: It only hurts for the first two days! :p  xx

About Ruqaiya Shuaib

I am an international student from Nigeria in Edge Hill University, currently in the International Foundation Programme for Law.
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    Eye care can be easily done if you rest your eyes periodically after staring on an eye-intensive works such as working in front of a PC. “,”,’

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