Trafford Centre

A few weeks ago, we (my course mates and I… and my tutor) got to visit Trafford Centre – and I LOVED it!! There were so many shops! Okay, so the point of going there was to see the different sections and the huge ship-like shopping paradise. I know I say everywhere I go is definitely worth going again, but this was by far my favorite. We got to stay indoors most of the time so I didn’t have to worry about the weather. My only regret is not staying for longer.

Trafford Centre is a really nice place to relax with friends, and it was a breath of fresh air as we don’t get to see places like this in Ormskirk. Manchester being just about an hour from Ormskirk is definitely a positive too. You might want to consider taking some money with you… maybe a lot of it. Going to a park might be a lot cheaper. 🙂

About Ruqaiya Shuaib

I am an international student from Nigeria in Edge Hill University, currently in the International Foundation Programme for Law.
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