Southport in the Sun

Today, seeing that the weather was around 30 degrees, my friends and I decided to go to the Southport beach (yes, again!). It was much better this time as the temperature was a lot better and it was fairly packed with people today. Though I can honestly say that I am still sore from all the walking I had to do, from the ice cream to the pier and the go karting, Southport was definitely worth it.

The Go karting was the highlight of my day because it was a lot of fun. Getting to ride with some of my friends helped me realise how much of a horrible driver I really am (I screamed the whole way). :p

We walked around Southport town centre and took a lot of pictures…well, some, as it drizzled a lot. We went into this building called “Southport Amusement” which was basically an arcade. We also got to look into some scary mirrors. :S  Southport is definitely a place to visit for different interesting places to see and nice things to do. It is only about half an hour from Ormskirk by bus, and is certainly a place to spend your Sunday at 30 degrees.

About Ruqaiya Shuaib

I am an international student from Nigeria in Edge Hill University, currently in the International Foundation Programme for Law.
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