Commonwealth Dinner/ Trip to Liverpool

On the 5th week into the international foundation programme, March 14th, there was a commonwealth dinner on campus. It was really exciting as I got to meet other international students, some of whom I already knew. There were things from traditional attires to international meals, and I enjoyed having to try new food and make new acquaintances, and the Nigerian food wasn’t bad at all. Apparently the dinner was to celebrate the growth in women around the world, and to welcome us, the new students, into Edge Hill University. (I already felt welcomed way before the dinner though) 🙂 

On the 7th week into my foundation programme, we all got to spend the day in Liverpool for the second time. We went to Speke Hall, and I was really excited by what I saw. I didn’t really fancy all the walking as it was such a huge cite, but it was definitely interesting to learn new things about the Victorian era, and the stories behind the huge house built in the 16th century (though there were some really odd stories about ghosts, and the creaking floors scared me). -_- It was something I learned a lot from..well I had to- I have a presentation on it coming up soon! I took notes of all the fun stuff :p I can’t wait till our next trip this semester. I wonder where we’re going next.


About Ruqaiya Shuaib

I am an international student from Nigeria in Edge Hill University, currently in the International Foundation Programme for Law.
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