Eye Care Away From Home 2

My last blog was on the importance of registering in the Wellbeing Center for a GP, and the available eye care in Ormskirk.

For some of you who depend on seeing glasses/contact lenses, you may find it uncomfortable and stressful to constantly  rely on them (It’s pretty expensive too). That is why a few months ago I DECIDED TO GET LASER SURGERY DONE! (…of course, with the approval of my parents because they had to pay :p).

After a lot of research on the best laser clinics in the UK, I chose to get it done at Ultralase. So far, I can honestly say laser surgery is the best decision I have made concerning my eyes. My eyes were pretty bad- around a (-4/5) between both eyes, and although my eyes are still healing, I have an almost perfect vision already.

A lot of people have some misconceptions about laser surgery (like how long it has been around), and some don’t even consider getting it done because of the price (which is rather high). Ultralase, which claims to be the “1st and longest established national laser eye surgery provider, has been around for about 20 years with a very high success rate. The members of staff  are really professional and helpful both before and after the surgery. They have a lot of providers around England and Wales, and I got mine done in Liverpool.

Click here for more information on laser surgery, and the different payment plans available.

Click here to book a free consultation online.

I’ll keep you posted. P.S: It only hurts for the first two days! :p  xx

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Eye Care away from home 1

It might be tough, especially for new students, to remember getting regular check-ups and seeing a GP when things go wrong. I have so many friends who would just rather just wait to get better, or put it off till they get home to see a GP. I remember seeing my optician in Nigeria before coming back last September just so I wouldn’t have to get my prescriptions here. I didn’t do that because I thought it was better back home, but rather because I was more comfortable with an optician I had used for years.

However, waiting for months to go home and see a doctor is inadvisable especially for international students who don’t usually go home as often as home students do.  Registering is free in the Health and Wellbeing Center which is just a 2 minute walk from Edge Hill, and  the appointments are free. The only thing you get to pay for as far as I know is prescriptions, and I got mine for free until I turned 19 anyway.

For those who use glasses or contact lenses (like I used to :D), Conlons Opticians in Ormskirk town centre gives great student discounts, and free eye tests which I took advantage of myself. http://www.conlons.co.uk/Ormskirk. However, they only offer contracts of at least 6 months when it comes to actually using their contact lenses and this is because they give you a free 3 month supply of contact lenses.

If you are seeking something not so binding, perhaps you can try Specsavers  which is also in Ormskirk. I do not know much about it, but for more information you can visit http://www.specsavers.co.uk/stores/ormskirk/print/ .


Ruki xx

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Halls over christmas

The weather isn’t all that great, but on the brighter side, it’ll soon be Christmas . With the Christmas break fast approaching, most students are planning on travelling home. If you are an international student like me who lives about a six-hour flight away from home, you would have to re-think that option. A number of international students will be spending Christmas and New Years in Ormskirk.

Even though nothing beats spending Christmas with family ( :p), a few things will be going on in Liverpool and Manchester for those of us that will be around. It would be a great idea to travel around and have a little fun with a few friends that may still be around.

Liverpool’s Christmas market will start from 24th November to 22nd December. This is for those who are interested in decorating their houses/rooms/halls. There will be traditional gifts and toys to buy from sellers all over the world. There will also be food! :)… well not free of course. For more information on Liverpool’s Christmas market and the opening times, check the website: http://liverpool.gov.uk/leisure-parks-and-events/markets/markets-and-opening-times/

For information on what to do this Christmas in Manchester click this link: http://christmas.visitmanchester.com/?gclid=CIuPn5C63qwCFY0OfAod33f22w and get the opportunity to win a weekend break at 4-star Abode Hotel.








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So far…

I know I haven’t blogged for a while. I have been very busy settling in and all.

I just started my undergraduate degree in law, and I’m finding it very interesting. I have had just 2 seminars and I’m definitely looking forward to more. The tutors are really helpful, friendly and approachable.

Fresher’s week went well as well, but I’ll talk about that in the next blog 🙂


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Rounding up the IFP

We are reaching the end of the International Foundation Programme, and lately there has been a lot of work to do and assessments to complete. There has also been a lot of work going on at the University due to it being the summer break. There have been upgrades with the internet, water facilities, work on the hub, terrace cafe is closed at the moment 🙁 (maybe even for life). On the bright side, I’m sure things will be great by the time I get back from my two week summer break in Nigeria.

I am definitely looking forward to finally moving into an en-suite room (yay! to my own toilet… finally!), and to making new friends. Hopefully more international students will be here as well, as we are losing some graduating this year from the master’s degree.

I am also looking forward to another commonwealth dinner. 😀

I am anxious to know what the first day of my 1st year in Law would feel like. B)


I’ll keep you posted. xx 🙂

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Stuck on Marmaris

I think I’m obsessed with two things:

1. Marmaris &

2. The series: How I met Your Mother

As far as Marmaris goes, things were a lot better when I didn’t know they did home delivery. It’s a really good fast food joint here in Ormskirk with sensible prices. Anyway, I’m stuck on the meal deals and I’m thinking about slowing down. The thing is, I consider making healthier choices, so I order a quarter pound burger meal with vegetables and a diet coke.  :p It’s sad- I know. Plus, I’m not trying to advertise Marmaris- I should be paid to do that.

Anywho, about the show How I Met Your Mother, it’s just a really funny and addictive series I’ve been stuck on for a few weeks. I have managed to watch 5 seasons in about 2 weeks. I know I have a problem, but it’s a pretty cool show. It’s definitely something I would recommend… If you are into American series and you  enjoy laughing.. :/ ??

I’m already in season 6 (the last season). *sniff* I guess my addiction would have to come to an end soon. Hopefully my withdrawal symptoms might include the need to get my work done on time and making my blogs more interesting. :p


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Trafford Centre

A few weeks ago, we (my course mates and I… and my tutor) got to visit Trafford Centre – and I LOVED it!! There were so many shops! Okay, so the point of going there was to see the different sections and the huge ship-like shopping paradise. I know I say everywhere I go is definitely worth going again, but this was by far my favorite. We got to stay indoors most of the time so I didn’t have to worry about the weather. My only regret is not staying for longer.

Trafford Centre is a really nice place to relax with friends, and it was a breath of fresh air as we don’t get to see places like this in Ormskirk. Manchester being just about an hour from Ormskirk is definitely a positive too. You might want to consider taking some money with you… maybe a lot of it. Going to a park might be a lot cheaper. 🙂

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Squirrel Reserve

I know by now it seems like all we do is go on trips, but we also have a lot of work to do as well. Last week (or so), we all went to the Squirrel Reserve in Formby. Although the point of going there was to see squirrels, we ended up not seeing any! (Thank God, I’m secretly terrified of those small creatures). Anyway, after walking around for what felt like a good half hour, we decided to go down to the beach.


If I could go back in time and do some things differently I would have without doubt left my huge bag at home. I had to hold on to it while playing in the water and pretending to look uncomfortable. Maybe I wouldn’t have worn regular shoes and fish net tights either. If I had done my homework before jumping in a cab and going there, I would have had a lot more fun.

The Squirrel Reserve is definitely somewhere I would go to again- Not for the squirrels though (I’m still scared). I would definitely go there for a good swim with my friends, but maybe with some flip-flops and a mat next time. 🙂

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Manchester, Maybe?

Manchester is only about one hour away from Ormskirk by train and should take a little longer by bus. It is definitely somewhere I would like to go

It has been a while since we have gone on a trip in the international foundation programme, so our tutor is planning on taking us to Manchester next week. Since it is a place I have never really gotten the chance to go and look around (surprisingly), I am really looking forward to the trip. I really did not know what to expect (except a lot of shops), so I took some time to check about it online.

Manchester City Centre

Manchester town centre

Manchester town Hall


I think I might hav fun in the trip to Manchester because  I believe there are a lot more places we will get to see. I guess I can’t really write much about it until next week then.

To know more about Manchester, please visit: http://www.manchester.com/


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Southport in the Sun

Today, seeing that the weather was around 30 degrees, my friends and I decided to go to the Southport beach (yes, again!). It was much better this time as the temperature was a lot better and it was fairly packed with people today. Though I can honestly say that I am still sore from all the walking I had to do, from the ice cream to the pier and the go karting, Southport was definitely worth it.

The Go karting was the highlight of my day because it was a lot of fun. Getting to ride with some of my friends helped me realise how much of a horrible driver I really am (I screamed the whole way). :p

We walked around Southport town centre and took a lot of pictures…well, some, as it drizzled a lot. We went into this building called “Southport Amusement” which was basically an arcade. We also got to look into some scary mirrors. :S  Southport is definitely a place to visit for different interesting places to see and nice things to do. It is only about half an hour from Ormskirk by bus, and is certainly a place to spend your Sunday at 30 degrees.

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