Year 2 Undergraduates have been out to visit two different communities of Western Buddhists.  The first visit was to the Manchester Buddhist Centre where Munisha explained Buddhism from a Triratna perspective.  Formerly known as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, the group see themselves as reinterpreting Buddhism for modern Western Buddhists

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The second visit was to the  New Kadampa Buddhists in the Manjushri Buddhist Centre in Ulverston.  This form of Buddhism, whilst still aiming to make Buddhism accessible to Westerners, still retains many of the traditional elelments of Buddhism – maroon and golden robes for shaven headed manks being an obvious example.2013-12-03 11.15.36

These visits are an essential part of the undergraduate course and allow students to prepare themselves both for the end of module assignment, but also for teaching this dharmic religion in schools.