• As part of a research project which Francis Farrell has been leading on, we have commissioned this video which shows some of the schools linking work we have been doing. https://youtu.be/8WfDkS6osuI

  • Research Shared

    Research Shared

    As summer shone its brightest in the weeks before term started, RE staff from Edge Hill were busy sharing the findings of their research. Prof. Vini Lander along with Dr Francis Farrell organised a Day conference for Edge Hill staff on Fundamental British Values – a key part of the government’s education agenda.  The day, which…

  • Conferences Galore

    Conferences Galore

    Members of the RE team at Edge Hill have been busy presenting the findings of their research at conferences up and down the country.  Paul has presented his work on Using Twitter  with undergraduates at the SOLSTICE conference at Edge Hill.  At the CLIS Conference at Edge Hill Francis presented some of the early findings of his…