Year 1 and Year 3 undergraduates enjoyed spending a day in the Islamic community in Preston as part of their Module on Islam.

We were able to once again benefit from the hospitality and wisdom of Waqaus Ali ot ThinkBrite.  The day began with an introduction and then a brief visit to see some of the youngest members of the Islamic community in the Pre-school at Little Sparkles Nursery.

Waqaus then spoke about Islam as a Way of Life – a deen – and was joined by Abdul Hafeez Darr, who is a partner in a legal firm and was able to include some practical examples of living life as  a Muslim.


After some refreshments at lunchtime, the first highlight of the afternoon session was a visit to Abrar Academy, an Outstanding Independent Islamic boys’ school.  There we were treated to a very rare spectacle: being able to watch the Friday Jummah prayers being led by a student at the school.  afterwards we were able to talk to the headteacher, Mr Anayath Chowdhury who spoke about the school’s ethos, curriculum and plans for the future.  all were struck by how amazingly calm the school was.

The day ended at the Madina Masjid, where we were able to see all of the facilities in this purpose built mosque.