As part of their Personal Professional Conduct (PPC) studies, Year 1 Undergraduate students were asked to visit somewhere that would benefit students learning within our occupation as a teacher of RE.

Liv Ganesh 2

Dominic blogged about his visit:

A few fellow students from my ITT course joined me to visit the Ganesh Temple in Liverpool and experience a few ritual blessings and learn a bit more about Hinduism as a faith on this day of Diwali. We were fortunate enough to meet the priest who lived within the temple and have him perform a ritual blessing on us with the use of White Holy Ash and the giving of an apple. We received a tour of the temple a brief overview of what every Deity shrine within the temple and what it represented. Moreover we were lucky enough to sample some traditional Indian foods that was prepared for us. Overall a very interesting and educational trip performed by very welcoming and educated Hindu women who is very much involved in day to day running of the temple.

Liv Ganesh 3

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