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Have you searched the Pure portal/repository to find researchers who share your expertise and thought, “I wish I could see results for people outside Edge Hill”?

Well, now you can.

We have signed up to the Pure Experts Community which allows anyone using our portal to search for particular terms and view not just internal matches but external ones as well.

This can help you find potential collaborators at other Pure institutions that have also signed up to the Experts Community, but it works the other way as well and can also help potential collaborators find you through those other institutions’ portals.

To search the Experts Community:

  • Go to the portal.
  • Go to Profiles.
  • Enter your search terms.
  • You will get internal matches in the first instance.
A search of only internal profiles. The toggle is on the bottom right of the screenshot, below the search box and the ‘search concepts’, but above your search results.
  • Toggle Switch to Experts Community Search on to switch to the external matches.
Toggle the Community on and your search results will look at external matches.
  • Click on an external person to go to their profile on their institution’s portal.

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