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From 8th January 2020, all students enrolled on an EHU doctoral research degree will have a user account in the University’s research information system, Pure.

What does this mean?

Right now, if you’re a doctoral research student here, you have a person profile but no means of editing it yourself. By setting you up with user access combined with your person profile we’ll make you a ‘personal user’ until you complete your degree.

What can I use Pure for?

You’ll be able to update your person profile – a short biography and description of your research project is standard – and add ‘content’ such as:

  • Activities (e.g. esteem activity)
  • Prizes
  • Outputs

Most importantly, when you come to submit your final thesis, you will do so through Pure instead of e-mailing it to the Graduate school.

All content can be linked to other content in the system as required, and you can even create a project record that shows the reader all the related content in one place.

What won’t I use Pure for?

While you’ll have the same access to the system as a member of academic staff, you simply won’t have cause to use some features.

You won’t ever need to create funding applications and awards content – they are solely for staff research funding applications and awards.

Research impact content is for impact that meets the standards required for the REF so you’re unlikely to make use of it before you graduate (no offence).

Where can I log in? is our public repository (or ‘portal’) so the quickest way to log in is to use the button on there (from the 8th January).

Log in using your normal student username and password and you’ll be taken to the Pure ‘backend’ where you can manage your own profile and content.

GTAs: you only have access as students, so you will need to use your student credentials to log in.

What training & guidance is there?

Our selection of user guides on the Research webpages should help you with most things.

We’ll schedule some general PC lab-based training just for students in early 2020.

If you can’t make that training, we also run general training a couple of times a year – the next one is 29th January 2020 and you can book on through MyView (if you have access) or by e-mailing the Graduate School (if you don’t).

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

That all depends on the question:

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