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Learning Services has recently opened a subscription to Scopus so the Research Office has connected it to Pure.

What does this mean for researchers (personal users)?

A cite to behold

You can now import research outputs from Scopus – either on demand or by setting up an automated weekly search, as you could already from Mendeley and other sources – and Scopus metrics already appear on the repository/portal against person profiles and outputs.

But my research isn’t in Scopus!

Since the functionality mentioned above depends on the outputs being indexed in Scopus to begin with, you are unlikely to import anything – you can still set up a search and you will still be notified of potential import candidates based on the names you entered.

Of more concern to those of you who aren’t in Scopus will be the possibility of zero Scopus citation scores showing on the portal, but don’t worry: if that’s likely for your research you can disable Scopus metrics under ‘Portal profile’ on your profile edit screen.

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