MRC - Medical Research Council

These facilitate large-scale, multidisciplinary solutions for the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases in order to improve population health and reduce health inequalities in the UK. The aim is to generate new knowledge on actionable, sustainable and cost-effective ways of modifying the upstream systems and environments which influence NCDs. The second call is looking to complement the current portfolio of UKPRP investment and proposals should address the following areas:

  • preventing poor mental health and promoting mental wellbeing;
  • reducing health inequalities as the primary focus of the application;
  • social and economic determinants of health and wellbeing;
  • food systems, unhealthy diets and obesity;
  • developing interventions in specific ages including on issues relating to ageing, and in occupational settings;
  • fostering the use of evidence in decision making in local government;
  • urban environment, including transport systems and air quality;
  • using green and blue space for improving population health and preventing NCDs;
  • using digital technologies and social media to deliver interventions, and exploiting large-scale datasets and linkage to routine datasets.

Research teams including expertise from outside of the traditional NCD-prevention research may apply. These may include engineers, geographers, architects, designers, systems scientists, transport planners, lawyers and linguistics. Projects may be led by researchers from these disciplines or be in partnership with disciplines typically involved in population health research.

Awards are worth up to £50,000 each for six months.

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