Vitae will be hosting a virtual lecture on Wednesday 17 July at 12-1pm (UK time)  discussing why Intellectual Property (IP) matters and to:

  • explore the different types of IP you could be creating as a researcher
  • help you make informed decisions on use of any IP generated
  • understand when you might need to speak to an IP expert at your university
  • highlight the potential opportunities to maximise the impact of research

This virtual lecture has been developed in partnership with the UK Intellectual Property Office and is for anyone working or studying at a university or research institute who is interested in learning more about IP in their research. The webinar provides information from a UK IP perspective, but would be useful to researchers working on international projects with an interest in understanding IP more widely.

The lecture covers Vitae RDF Domain C1.4 Professional Conduct: IPR and copyright. It will enable researchers to gain a good grounding in C1.4 Phase 1 (has a basic understanding of data ownership rules as they apply to own research) and substantial elements of C1.4 Phase 2 (has substantial understanding of copyright, IPR, licencing to advise peers and less experienced researchers).

After attending this virtual event participants will understand the value of open access research outputs and know how and where research outputs should be deposited to ensure they meet the needs of open research more widely, whilst also considering their commercial potential.

For more information and to book please visit and complete their booking form

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