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From 1st August 2019, academic staff at Edge Hill will be able to use Pure to apply for research funding. Now that we have more details about what this means, let’s take a quick tour.

What does approval mean in Pure?

In Pure, approval means either:

  • Approval to apply to an external funder, or
  • Approval for central internal funds

While the approval route is essentially the same as before – department, faculty, institutional – because you submit your application to the approvers in Pure, approval is granted through Pure. So no more Green Card and no e-mails to misplace.

And you can check who has your application at any time by looking at the workflow on your application!

Know your history

As soon as you save an application in Pure – even if you haven’t sent it to the approval workflow yet – you and your co-applicants at EHU can access the record directly and you’ll be able to view it as long as it exists and you have Pure access.

You don’t need to worry about your past applications either – we have already started to upload the details of all funding awards we have on file in the RO, the corresponding applications and all applications (successful or not) going back three years. This last one is to help with reporting.


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