The Waterloo Foundation

The Waterloo Foundation invites proposals for its call on child development – motor impairments, diets and the microbiome. This supports research projects on motor impairments, diet or the microbiome. Studies on motor impairments are particularly welcomed in the following areas:

•improving understanding of the aetiology of the disorder, including brain imaging, improved phenotyping and genetic or epigenetic studies, with the inclusion of electroencephalogram measures and consideration of possible co-occurences with Rolandic epilepsy or other neurodevelopmental disorders being particularly desirable;

•exploring effective interventions, with those that also include links to the foundation’s other research interests being particularly sought after, for example sleep, diet, exercise or movement.

Studies on diet or the microbiome that consider their effects on neurodevelopmental disorders are particularly welcomed. Those that consider these areas on child psychological outcomes are also welcomed. The influence of prenatal factors and in a range of vitamins and minerals are of interest. Preference is given to research that directly benefits children and families in the UK.

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