The ‘Areas of Research Interests’(ARIs) are documents setting out the key research questions for government departments. They include information on departmental research systems, research and data publication policies and research and development strategies.

Department of Health and Social Care – National Institute for Health Research

  1. Antimicrobial resistance
  2. Drugs, diagnostics and medical equipment for elderly patients
  3. Lifestyle diseases, diabetes and obesity
  4. Mental health, dementia
  5. Minimising medical errors
  6. Personalised and stratified medicine
  7. Vaccines and drugs for the world’s infectious diseases

Department for Transport

  1. The Energy, Technology and Innovation (ETI) research programme supports DfT’s objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from UK transport
    1. Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV)
    2. Low Carbon Fuels (LCF)
    3. Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV)
    4. International Vehicle Standards
    5. Environment Strategy
  2. Transport Security, Resilience and Response (TSRR) research is targeted to enable the Department to reduce the risk to transport infrastructure, networks and the travelling public.
    1. Counter-Terrorism
    2. Cyber Security
    3. Resilience and Natural Hazards/Civil Contingencies
  3. Analysis and Science (ASD) occupies a unique, central position in the Department providing scientific and analytical support to teams across the Department, ensuring that the evidence on which the Department takes decisions is robust.
    1. Transport Appraisal and Strategic Modelling
    2. Department for Transport’s Office for Science
    3. Social and Behavioural Research
    4. Evaluation Centre of Excellence
  4. Rail research programme is focused on delivering the evidence to support the Secretary of State’s vision for the railways, including plans to end the operational divide between track and train and an evolution of the franchising system.
    1. Rail Analysis
    2. Major Projects
    3. Passenger Services
    4. Rail Strategy, Security and One Railway
  5. High Speed and Major Rail Projects – The research programme complements analytical activities in DfT and HS2 Ltd in ensuring that robust evidence and analysis informs key programme decisions. Research will focus on supporting major programme milestones and will support longer-term policy development work in preparation of the end state railway
  6. Strategic Roads, Economics and Statistics research supports responsibilities in overseeing and sponsoring the governance and activities of Highways England as well as tackling congestion and helping shape future Road Investment Strategies (RIS) for the Strategic Road Network.
    1. RIS Futures
    2. Roads Economics, Modelling and Evaluation
    3. Statistics Road and Freight
  7. Road Safety Standards and Services research supports the development and implementation of policy across a broad range of areas from road safety to efficiency of road freight.
    1. Road User Licensing, Insurance and Safety (RULIS)
    2. Dangerous Goods
    3. Freight, Operator Licensing and Roadworthiness
    4. Traffic and Technology
  8. Local Transport is responsible for policy around bus and taxi services, local roads, walking and cycling. It aims to support the delivery of key programmes and policies to deliver better local transport for the country. It supports the improvement of local infrastructure’s accessibility and usability for all users, the boosting of bus usage and encouraging active commuting.
    1. Buses and Taxis
    2. Local Infrastructure
    3. Active Accessible Travel
  9. Aviation research programme supports delivery of a safe, secure, sustainable aviation sector that meets the needs of the consumer.
    1. Aviation Strategy
    2. Airport Capacity
    3. Environmental Impacts
    4. Cross-cutting Research
  10. Maritime
    1. Strategic vision
    2. Ports modelling
    3. Reducing emissions and improving air quality
    4. Waterlogged munitions
    5. Maritime resilience
    6. Regulation and European Union Exit
    7. Maritime regulation
    8. Statistical analysis
  11. Communications research programme helps to support Departmental objectives of raising awareness and understanding of policies and programmes, changing behaviour to benefit individuals or society, and informing and reassuring the public during a crisis and promotes the UK transport sector internationally
    1. THINK! campaign tracking
    2. EU exit campaign tracking
    3. Creative testing
    4. Qualitative testing
    5. Annual stakeholder survey
    6. Social media listening
    7. Surveys

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