We are launching Pure – the research information repository – in two stages, the first of which is now complete. Academic staff can log in to edit their Pure profiles and content through ehu.ac.uk/pure.

You can find user guides at edgehill.ac.uk/research/pure.

Stage 1: research outputs & your profiles

To ensure EHU remains compliant with open access rules, research outputs have been migrated from EHRA into Pure and can now be viewed through the repository interface. This is the only publicly visible Pure content right now.

Furthermore, if you have new outputs to add, you can deposit them directly in to Pure with immediate effect but please check this blog post from Learning Services before you start.

Learning Services can help you if you have questions about research outputs, and they will continue to be responsible for the validation of those deposits. They have produced this research outputs deposit guide..

Stage 2: everything else!

While you can log in and start to create content right now, it won’t be public just yet: after 29th April that other content will start to appear.

After that, and as soon as people with approval rights in your departments and faculties have been shown what to do, you can begin to apply for research funding exclusively through Pure.

If you have any questions about Pure (other than research outputs), contact the Research Office on [email protected].

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