The ‘Areas of Research Interests’ (ARIs) are documents setting out the key research questions for government departments. They include information on departmental research systems, research and data publication policies and research and development strategies.

Department of Work and Pensions objectives: 

  1. Build a more prosperous society by supporting people into work and helping them to realise their potential.
  2. Improve outcomes and ensure financial security for disabled people and people with health conditions by increasing opportunities to realise their full potential with the help of the welfare system and through the labour market.
  3. Ensure financial security for current and future pensioners by: helping people to increase their pension savings; providing information on their private and state pension provision to enable effective planning for the future; and supporting older people to extend their working lives.
  4. Increase every child’s opportunity to succeed by helping separated parents agree effective child maintenance arrangements and supporting families in distress to reduce parental breakdown and separation.
  5. Transform our services and work with the devolved administrations to deliver an effective welfare system for citizens when they need it while reducing costs, and achieving value for money for taxpayers.


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