The Economic and Social Research Council, with support from the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, invites applications for their highlight notice to the secondary data analysis initiative. This supports the analysis of secondary data that could lead to further insights surrounding the wellbeing of individuals, communities and the general public in the UK, including the factors that may contribute to wellbeing either positively or negatively. Projects should use existing data resources to explore the concept of wellbeing in a range of contexts including:

  • work;
  • community relationships;
  • finance;
  • health;
  • wellbeing inequalities.

The PI must be resident in the UK and an academic employee at the lecturer or equivalent level at an eligible organisation, which may be an HEI, a research institute funded by a research council or an independent research organisation. Co-investigators can be based anywhere in the world. Applicants must include relevant expert members of the WWCW as co-investigators or partners on the project

Up to six grants, worth £240,000 each at 80 per cent full economic costs, are available.


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