Piggy bank

Pure will replace the current processes for applying for research funding – so you can soon forget about the Word-based forms currently in use. Here’s a short explanation of what you can look forward to.

Go with the (work)flow

One feature we hope you’ll like is the approval workflow for research funding applications.

The route is still basically the same as now but, because your application will be handled entirely within Pure, you’ll be able to see where it is at any point. Is it sat with the Research Office? Your department? The faculty? Just click and check.

The Great Outdoors

Pure will be how you seek institutional approval for external research funding applications – no more Green Card.

We expect this to be in use from June 2019, if not sooner. When you contact us to discuss your intention to apply and seek a costing, we’ll let you know if Pure is ready for you to use.

Not only will you apply for new funding through the system but we’re going to make sure you can view your old funding in Pure too: you’ll see old awards appear in your Awards section of Pure during the first few months after we launch the system.

We’ll start with current live awards and work backwards through time as far back as the Research Office has records, depending on the suitability of the metadata the further back we go. We’ll include the applications that led to those awards, as well as the last three years’ worth of applications regardless of outcome.

The reason for this last part is to aid reporting (another bonus of Pure!) for departments all the way up to the University Research Committee.

Inner Space

There are currently five internal research funding schemes that you will be able to apply to through Pure.

Just like with external applications, you will be able to use Pure for internal funding applications by June but, because of when these schemes operate, there will be a staggered approach:

  • Conference Travel Grant – by June 2019
  • GCRF – from 2019/20
  • IKEF – by June 2019
  • RIF – from 2019/20
  • RITA – from 2019/20

In the meantime, and as with external awards, we will also begin to upload some of the historical awards data. We will begin with all live awards and the applications that led to them and, depending on the work involved, we hope to move on to adding closed awards dating back to 2014/15 (starting with the most recent).

If you have questions about Pure, you can check out the Research wiki or e-mail us at [email protected].

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