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Pure will replace Edge Hill’s existing research repository, EHRA, from February. Learning Services will still handle research outputs so they’ll share details of how things will and won’t change so, for this post, we’ll briefly touch on the aspects of outputs that Research Office has a hand in.

Open (Access) Sesame!

Part of the migration from EHRA includes the REF2021 open access compliance status for all outputs that fall under the Open Access Policy. (We’ll also make sure the outputs already proposed for the REF through EHRA show as such in Pure but that’s for another post.)

When you start to deposit a new output into Pure, if you happen to know it’s not compliant with the policy, you can add a REF exception to the output record while you are creating it. What this means is that, as soon as you’re able to self-deposit your outputs, you’ll no longer need to use the separate online survey to request a REF open access exception.


Once Pure is in use, the monthly reports we produce on outputs will be generated within the system. These will be much easier for you to read and far easier for us to produce.

If you have questions about Pure, you can check out the Research wiki or e-mail us at [email protected].

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