The Arts and Humanities Research Council, under the Global Challenges Research Fund, invites proposals for its highlight notice for education in conflict and protracted crises. This supports the development of research networking proposals which explore the contribution of arts and humanities research to education and learning in contexts affected by conflict or protracted crises. It supports the development of sustained international boundary crossing collaborations with low- and middle-income countries which receive official development assistance or with organisations which play an important role in supporting international development or education and learning in LMICs. Proposals may address:

  • learning at any stage;
  • learning in any context;
  • indigenous and local knowledges and skills development;
  • teacher training, learning and development;
  • the design of educational environments;
  • minorities and marginalised context;
  • educational capability building and development;
  • learning content and curricula;
  • learning within specific groups or contexts.

Funding is worth up to £60,000, out of which £30,000 is strictly for international activities.

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