The British Academy is inviting proposals from UK-based researchers in the humanities and the social sciences to develop interdisciplinary research projects that will generate evidence on sustainable development challenges and opportunities in ODA-eligible countries. This programme is supported by the UK Government’s £1.5billion Global Challenges Research Fund.

The purpose of each project will be to advance and deepen our understanding of the relevance and importance of the historical context of development, culture(s) and heritage(s) in particular to addressing sustainable development. Tackling many of the world’s sustainable development challenges requires a consideration of local cultures, practices, histories and societal norms, and an understanding of how such norms are complex and contextually differentiated. It is often, however, the case that these considerations are not well or fully brought into sustainable development discussions that tend to ignore aesthetic, representational, and reflective practices. New approaches that cross sectoral and disciplinary boundaries will be vital in achieving a step change in this area.

Research Themes and Focus
This call is for research projects which address the overarching aims of the Sustainable Development Programme related to sustainable governance, sustainable growth and sustainable human development and creativity broadly understood. Projects must demonstrate an innovative and interdisciplinary approach and relevance to one or more of the three sub-themes below:
a. Heritage
b. Dignity
c. Violence

Value and Duration
The programme will fund projects of up to £300,000 each, delivering research excellence with practical development impact. Projects are expected to begin in September 2018 and last up to 27 months.

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