The Nuffield Foundation invites outline applications for its grants for research, development and analysis. These support projects that improve the design and operation of social policy, especially in domains of education, welfare and justice. A wide range of research, development and analysis projects are supported, such as reviews and synthesis, data collection and analysis, including descriptive or designed to understand causality, pre-trial development work, comparison or controlled trials or evaluations and research translation.

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • identify and explain the social and economic determinants of opportunity and risk across life span, focusing in particular on early childhood adversity, transitions from adolescence to young adulthood, and social and economic well-being in adulthood and later life;
  • improve well-being for society as a whole, while ameliorating negative distributional outcomes and the greatest harms;
  • support the development of workable evidence-based solutions for policy and practice over the medium term.

UK based HEIs and organisations may apply and applications may include overseas partners as co-applicants. The lead applicant must be a PI.

Grants may range from £10,000 to £500,000, but most are worth between £50,000 to up to £300,000. Projects normally have a duration between six months to three years. Grants worth over £500,000 or lasting over three years may be made in exceptional circumstances and grants under £10,000 may be also be awarded.

Full details:

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