Call status: Open
Deadline: 9 May 2018, 4pm


The David Phillips Fellowship (DPF) will provideĀ support for researchers wishing to establish their first independent research group. The DPF will invest in scientists who have shown high potential, can demonstrate that they are on an upward trajectory with clear evidence of strong scientific outputs and leadership qualities, and are aiming to establish their own fully independent programme of research. As such the DPF represents part of our commitment to the supply of highly skilled professional research leaders to the UK.


Applicants should hold a PhD, but not hold, have held or had the offer of an academic position at Lecturer level (or the equivalent in institutions other than universities). Please note that if applicants have previously applied for BBSRC grant funding as a Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator (therefore confirming that they hold a lecturer level or equivalent post) they are not eligible to apply for a fellowship. It is expected that applicants will have at least three years of active postdoctoral research experience prior to February 2018

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