The Dunhill Medical Trust, in partnership with the National Institute for Health Research, invites applications for its grants for academic or clinical research. These support research projects aiming to understand the mechanisms of ageing, treating disease and frailty, and identifying and developing new and effective ways to improve the lives of older people. In addition, research into treating diseases and conditions which disproportionately affect older people but are less well-funded. Research topics may include:

•bioscience underpinning the mechanisms of ageing;

  • improving the effectiveness and efficiency of health services and social care delivery for older people;
  • improving technology and the built environment to meet the needs of an ageing population;
  • behavioural research;
  • clinical and applied research;
  • health services research;
  • public health research;
  • research carried out on a multidisciplinary basis;
  • pilot and proof-of-concept studies that can provide sufficient evidence for larger studies which can attract support from major funding bodies;
  • activities that will expand the research capacity in the above areas;
  • research related to modifiable risk factors for wellbeing and health

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