​The European Commission has set out its vision for a European Education Area in 2025, which was discussed at the EU Leaders’ meeting in Gothenburg on 17 November.

The points that have been highlighted to be included in a European Area of Education by 2025 are:

  • Expanding Erasmus-style mobility to all students and creating an EU Student Card that stores information on individual academic records
  • Initiating the “Sorbonne process” (building on the “Bologna process”) to improve the mutual recognition of educational qualifications among European countries
  • Improving language learning for students, aiming to have them finish secondary education with a good knowledge of two languages in addition to their mother tongue
  • Promoting lifelong learning, increasing the number of people engaged in learning throughout their lives to 25%
  • Mainstreaming digital and innovation skills
  • Creating a network of European Universities and supporting a School of European and Transnational Governance
  • Setting a benchmark for member states to invest 5% of GDP in education
  • Preserving cultural heritage and fostering a sense of European identity

The original documents can be found here


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