Aims and objectives of this call

 The aim of this open call is to support research over a two- to three-year time frame into behavioural interventions or ‘nudges’ that have potential to increase efficiency and reduce waste in UK health care services.

The focus of this programme is on health care services, not population or public health. The domain of quality that is of primary interest is efficiency – this includes inefficiency and waste – but proposals should also look to capture impact on other domains of quality.

Successful research proposals supported through this programme should aim to generate new knowledge that:

  • provides an increased understanding of whether and how behavioural interventions motivate people to act in more efficient and less wasteful ways in health care services;
  • designs new behavioural interventions (including adaptations to existing proven interventions) that may ultimately improve efficiency and reduce waste in health care services; and
  • provides insights on how best to implement and then diffuse proven behavioural interventions that improve efficiency and reduce waste in a UK health care services context, and understands how other domains of quality are simultaneously impacted upon.

The programme aims to support research ideas from multi-disciplinary and collaborative teams made up of suitably qualified academics and researchers, psychologists and behavioural experts, health care professionals, allied health professionals and other frontline decision makers and those with design expertise.

Deadline for applications 12:00 on Friday 20 October 2017

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